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Innovative solutions for a large metropolitan municipality

By showing innovation and giving the client a real solution to their problem, we became a key player in recovering a very big debtor book for a large metropolitan municipality.


The Debt-IN Challenge

In 2010 Debt-IN was one of over 20 companies to be awarded a debt collection contract for one of the country’s large Metropolitan Municipalities, following a tender process. The Municipality was operating in a challenging environment and had an outstanding debtor book of several billion Rands, with a large number of accounts disputed by customers.


The Debt-IN Solution - Plan of Action

We considered it critical to deliver exceptional performance from the outset, in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We categorized our first debt handover primarily according to the age of the debt and the presence of queries / disputes. A detailed collection protocol was developed for each category.


The action plan included the formation of a team to specifically resolve queries and disputes. The rationale behind this was that debtors would pay once their disputes were resolved; thus an effective dispute resolution strategy was considered the best way to achieve our objective of collection.


Development of the Collection Project

Whereas we enjoyed some early successes, the real value in the project was unlocked when we started to realize collections that resulted from our query resolution strategy. Our query resolution team had been working from 7am every day, as they found that the most effective time to resolve queries was between 7am and 8am every day. This was due to the fact that the Municipality call centre was open during that time and fully staffed, but not very busy.


Results and Accolades

  • Some of the key outcomes of the mandate were as follows:
  • We collected 70% of the value of the first debt handover within 12 months.
  • Based on collection performance, the panel was effectively reduced to 10 companies in mid-2011.
  • We placed in the top 2 panelists in terms of performance in October 2011, despite the fact that we had not received a new debt handover in 10 months.
  • In early 2012 we received a substantial debt handover that comprised primarily of queried / disputed accounts.
  • Using our dispute resolution strategy we unlocked substantial value from this handover.
  • In terms of client feedback, we have received several accolades from the Municipality acknowledging our outstanding turnaround times and reporting.


Through our unwavering commitment to present our clients with real solutions to their core problems, we have become an integral component in the Municipality’s path to success. Allow us to show you how Debt-IN can make a real and lasting difference in your business or organisation.